[Interview] Artist in Focus - Teslim Zee on the rise 2023 - with hypeman Vizzy


[Interview] Artist in Focus - Teslim Zee on the rise 2023 - with hypeman Vizzy

Back with one of the biggest online interviews in nigeria, Hypeman Vizzy taps to introduce Teslim zee to the public; Teslim zee 'ON THE RISE'. 

Teslim zee looks forward to putting out more waves for his fans-mily this 2023, and on this interview, he expresses his thoughts, enjoy!!

TRENDING💥: Music] Teslim Zee - Pretty Lady

°°° Good day Teslim zee, you are welcome to this online interview, when did you start music?

Starting since growing up and stuffs but never took it serious. Was in the choir in school just for the love and all that.i think I started recording 2019 like taking the music pursuit and making it a reality

°°°° Who inspired you to start music

Vector tha viper,my family the see that in me and were like go for this thing indeed u're trying and stuffs like that

°°° What do you do apart from music?

Apart from music am a hairstylist and a student of urban and regional planning so I do also practice the town planning and stuffs

°°°Do you feel there can ever be a music industry in jos?

Yes I do believe may be one day

°°° How can we create a music industry in jos

First by being ready to invest in the artist believing in the artist and knowing that the artist can go fa. And already we know that jos is a place with plenty talents Which those talents are being wasted because of lack of valid industry, supporters and those willing to invest. And other thing is organising different music competition making artist jump on different beats and all that picking the best starting something with them at least it would motivates others and in courage them from there setting industry won't be hard

°°° How do you plan to go globally

I think I have alot of plans first is posting my content always online disturbing the internet and all that making sure am heard . Of late am planing a podcast on the topic "life of an upcoming artist or artiste " there is this way I want the podcast to go people I want to involve in it to make it to be heard . And I go on jumping on different open challenges and other stuffs like that to keep it going

°°° Do you have any idea on music production?

Yea I do have ideas on that. A good musice production determines the music it make the music to be the music

Stay tune for next artist on focus

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