TIV FRESHERS is a Facebook group created on 28th april 2021   by Comr .Mkoom Sehile Noah 

 in a pace with Rex kad Noble.


drawned  the Idea when the power was bestowed on him as  Tor-kwaor the third  (lll) Community of Tiv Students Adamawa state University Mubi Chapter.

           AIMS OF THE GROUP

1. To promote peace ,love and unity among the Tiv Nation.

2.  Is  to link the entire Tiv youths together to be in one accord.

3. To showcase the beautiful culture of the Tiv people  throughout the world.

4. To    Endorse our upcoming youths  such as ,students,  artist,contestants and many more to achieve their goals.

          THE GROUP LOGO.

The group logo of Tiv freshers contain the following integral symbols.

1. CYCLE:The cycle best represents as a barricade or facade due to the unity among the Tiv youths.

2. THE STAR  : The star shows how bright we are, and how far we can sky-rocket and showcase the beautiful culture of our people through out Nigeria and the entire world at large.

3. THE TWO LETTERS TF :Means Tiv freshers.

4. THE TWO MEANDER LINES :The two meander lines across the TF shows both internal and external global connectivity  among the Tiv youths and the entire globe.

5. THE THREE SMALL DOTS :The three dots are one among the best things that we hearthedly aimed at ,it  indicate >peace > love and > unity.

The group also feautuerd things like contest.


The group have the following royalty  positions for contest.

* Mr and miss Tiv Fresher's ,which the  crowning will be yearly.

* Online Contest for  queen and king .

* Face of Tiv fresher's 

*Monthly contest for Mr and miss best fresher of the month.

Give away .

*Weekly hot seats and many more.

The group was disabled on 18th January 2022 with  a total number of 3.8k due to violations and recreated on the same date. 

It have about 15 admins and moderators. 

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