Story Of Slay Queen Who Committed Suicide By Jumping Off An Apartment In Dubai (Photo)

The tragic story of a young African slay queen who traveled to Dubai for fun and good time before reportedly taking her own life has been told.

Karungi Monic from Uganda reportedly took her own life in Dubai some weeks ago.

The lady died after falling off an apartment in Dubai, raising public outcry on the continued exploitation of Ugandans working abroad.

In the video, the deceased identified as Karungi Monic, 23, from Isingiro is seen jumping off the 9th floor of the Al Fahad building in Dubai and died on the spot.

Although the cause of her suicide is yet to be revealed, it is reported that the growing frustration, depression, stressed mind, and work pressure may have forced her to do what she did.

It is also alleged that the incident could be as a result of pressure which leaves many Ugandans to take their own lives once their hopes to return back are suppressed by their employers.

Karungi’s suicidal death comes barely a week after another Ugandan girl on Wednesday this week killed herself by falling off from sixth floor on a building in Bengaluru, in India where she was studying.

Agasha Asiina from Mbarara, Western Uganda was a final-year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) student.

Her death triggered violence in the campus after students went on the rampage, accusing the university management of failing to provide her timely medical help, and also to install safety barriers in the building.

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