Blasphemy: Ex-SGF, Babachir Lawal Distances Himself From Inciting Voice Message

Babachir Lawal, the Former Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), has distanced himself from a voice note making waves on social media.

A voice was heard inciting Christians to retaliate the recent murder of a Christian student, Miss Deborah Samuel and the burning of Church properties in Sokoto.

Lawal has now distanced himself from the voice note in a statement he personally signed on Monday May 16, stating that even though he "strongly condemns killing and burning of property", it was never in his character to incite revenge.

It read;

“There is a voice note being circulated in the social media purported to have been made by me inciting Christians to retaliate the recurring violence repeatedly unleashed on Christian individuals, their communities and their property epitomised by the recent burning to death of Miss Deborah Samuel and Church property in Sokoto.

“While I rightly feel indignant about these killings, it is not in my character to incite people to retaliate. Besides, the voice on the voice note is not mine neither is it in my character to incite revenge.

“The Bible clearly urges believers to leave vengeance to God and I have always urged all victims of religious bigotry and violence to obey this injunction. And I am particularly heartened that the parents of Deborah Samuel have chosen this path.

“For those whose interest is best served by this wicked and cowardly act of trying to sully my name, I wish them well. But certainly, it was not done by me neither did I say such. Certainly, the voice is not mine, the sentiment is not mine and the grammar is not mine.

“I, therefore, urge all my friends and family to ignore this malicious act. It will backfire on the evil men.”

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