[Politics] 5 reasons why Rev. Father Hyacinth Alia will win Benue state Governorship Election 2023

Written by:

Gogo Andrew mngutswenga

As the 2023 general elections draw by, we wish to connect you to your favorite Aspirants who would make Nigeria a better place. Today, we connect you to Reverend father Hyacinth Alia. The Governorship aspirant most beloved by The benue state people and WHY THEY LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

Am a Tiv guy from Zakibiam, but born and brought up in Jos, the plateau state capital. Growing up, my parents always brought me home, so am always connected to my roots, so the road I've traveled the most in my life is JOS>>>> LAFIA >>>>> MAKURDI road. Look FAM, good governance is ain't no play thing.

I watched Lafia, the nasarawa state capital develop to a better city than makurdi, from 2009 - 2023.

Nasarawa state , not that I envy them, but were actually carved out of the then Benue-Plateau , that shows, Makurdi is supposed to be a way developed town than Lafia, but this failed to 'BAD GOVERNANCE'.

Here are 5 reasons why Benue state people can't be advised from voting Father Alia hyacinth into office.


The other aspirants are just purely toys, previous politicians are bringing them in to further control the state more and more. Giving examples on two aspirants

For TERVER AKASE... OK samuel ortom still wants his boy in office, to have an influence on the state, after he's gone. They are afraid of Alia , Because, Alia is here just for correctional purposes, he's not here to respect ortom, Akume or suswam.

Check out BARNABAS GEMADE, you see this man?, being in position, I knew him since when I was 4 years, I haven't seen anything this nigga did man, still wants power? The people ARE WISE now, old boy, go home.


from his election funding to money to buy the governorship ticket, benue state people are paying!! Yes you heard me, they hiked the governorship ticket to millions, but hey, we go contribute pay. We are done with the mess, take a look at Nasarawa state past governors, yea, they steal money, but go to lafia, lafia is a baby city to makurdi, 'you go wan lick lafia roads', too clean, Benue state people need a stop to the God fatherism.


from the time the Nigerian army handed over to democracy, all we know in benue state is, 'ortom patching roads', what marvels me is, the guy sabi patch roads ehn, LMAO. he would never make a new road, yea for real, he tarred some streets in makurdi, be calm baby, the streets he tarred, are streets his friends be at, they helped him gain votes, so he's rewarding by tarring roads to their houses, but what about GBOKO - MAKURDI - KATSINA ALA ROAD.

a pregnant woman can loose her pregnancy if she travels through these roads,

Mehn, potholes be like mini-Streams, so pathetic. lastly, Makurdi is a twin city to jos and kaduna, go to jos bros, Flyovers choke, go to Polo In jos, go to Farin gada, all development, go to rayfield in jos, omo Jos is filled up with tiv people, I've seen most, Because I attend NKST Anglo-jos, most of them have never being to Benue state, they just know its trash. But God go use Alia, on God.

There is a need of a flyover , right at Wurukum junction in makurdi, y'all will behave like I didn't say it.


I would commend Suswam and Akume, tho, for developing 'benue state university and its teaching hospital', But this project wasn't started by them, they only developed. But bro, from holding Workers salaries and not less than 700 Workers on Pension have died due disappointments during the Samuel ortom 8yrs.

Its a pity, most of these pensioners were teachers to the governor?, OK maybe not, but they taught 80% of Politicians now in office, So like how won't you pay your teacher, I leave that question there, with no question mark.


This is for you to note that, voting a wrong aspirant into office automatically wastes 8yrs of your life. Because most aspirants, once in office, must do 2 tenures, 4yrs each, making 8yrs.

My analysis below

• Am 23yrs now, when Ortom and Buhari came into office in 2015, I was 15 years, still a pretty boy, but now, my face don scatter mehn, country hard!!!

• if you are 20yrs now, voting a wrong aspirant. And he spends 8yrs in office, you will be 28yrs when he's done messing you up!!! Damn.

•if you are 30yrs, you will be 38Yrs and might even die, because of high blood pressure, cos a wrong aspirant can mess you up amd move to Dubai to flex.

•if you are 40yrs now, after the aspirant is done, after 8yrs,

maybe you go don blind, because you go don drink garri tire

Oya, reason am

Father Alia Hyacinth for Benue state governor 2023.

Written by:

Gogo Andrew mngutswenga

Zakibiam - Jos guy💯

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