People Mistake Me For Police Officer In Real Life – Skit Maker, Officer Woos Opens Up

Oladapo Gbadamosi, the Nigerian skit maker and actor, who is popularly known as Officer Woos, has said that people often mistake him for a police officer in real life because of the role he mostly plays in his skits as a cop.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, he said, “It has happened a lot of times. Many times people don’t believe even when I tell them I am not a policeman.”

Woos, who frequently collaborates with Broda Shaggi, said the latter is a ‘destiny helper’ to him.

Showering praises on Shaggi, he said, “I want to specially thank Broda Shaggi. Working with him has given me a lot of recognition and opportunities. He is my destiny helper, leader, boss, friend and brother. When I started in 2013, he was there to put me through. He always gave me opportunities to showcase myself. He gave me my first ever paid job in 2015, even though I ended up not doing it. In 2019, he gave me another opportunity to showcase myself to the world through his platforms. Since then, he has never let go. Everything about him motivates and inspires me. He is very hardworking and creative. Indeed, he is one of a kind. He is wealthy but he works as if he has nothing. He is the most consistent human I have ever met.”

The online comedian also stated that popularity had changed things in his life.

He said, “Being a star is challenging. The price one pays for being famous is huge. There were things I used to do freely before but I can no longer do them. Some fans forget that celebrities are also human beings like them. Everybody wants to get money from one. Sometimes, one could be sad or not in a bad mood but these people don’t care. They would insist that one must take pictures with them and show love. However, I don’t have a choice. They love me and I must reciprocate the love. But, I ignore and avoid the ones with ‘bad vibes’.”

On if he could date his friend’s ex, Woos said, “I would never do that. There are a lot of women out there.”

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