Rochas Okorocha And The Road To 2023: Is It Indeed Southeast Turn?


 A lot has been said about the forthcoming 2023 Presidential election. A lot of aspirants have sprang up, some of which have thrown their hats into the ring already, the latest on the list is former Imo State Governor and currently serving Imo West Senator, Senator Rochas Owelle Okorocha.

The good thing about Rochas Okorocha declaring for President is the fact that it shows that the Presidency of Nigeria is getting much closer to the Southeast region of Nigeria than can ever be imagined.

This once one can say that the Southeasterners are indeed beginning to walk the talk of vying for the number one office in Nigeria which is the office of the President of Nigeria.

Rochas declaring is doubtless a big boost to the Southeast Presidency dream. This is because of all the aspirants from Southeast that are being rumoured to be vying for the office of President of Nigeria ahead of the 2023 polls, one bridge-builder among them is Rochas Okorocha.

A Rochas Okorocha Presidency will expectedly be a Nigerian Presidency than a regional one. This is in the light of the regional clamours that are rather threatening the unity of Nigeria than fostering it.

Based on the above, Rochas Okorocha declaring for 2023 Presidency is a welcome development and a big boost even to the choice pool of aspirants from which Nigerians will eventually select a President, come 2023.

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