Benue Lady Issues Criminal Summons To Man She Defrauded Of 1500 For Calling Her Out On Social Media

Recall that on the 28th of January 2022 a young man identified as Lubem Terkula Aluta General on facebook from Makurdi Benue State had dragged a young lady identified as Kor Saanmoyol Henrietta from Gboko on social media for defrauding him of 1500.

Lubem Terkula Aluta General

The due had met online and started getting along until the young man requested that he would love to meet with the young lady face to face, upone his request the young lady made him understand that she would loved to too but the barrier was transport.

Kor Saanmoyol Henrietta

On hearing this Mr. lubem asked for the amount that would be able to transport Henrietta from Gboko to Makurdi learning that the cost was 1500, the young man agreed to send her the money to enable her come she also agreed to come over upon receiving the money.

The money was sent and received accordingly but the young lady never showed up, every efforts to reach her made by Lubem proved abortive as she was not replying his chats, text and answering his calls been frustrated and fed up the young man decided to take the matter to the media space.

Then the Saga began as both parties shed themselves online, it became a trend, songs were sang and many other funny stuffs were also posted in this regards.

A copy of the summons 

Feeling offended by the act the young lady decided to sue Lubem for Character defamation.

Many well meaning sons and daughters of Benue have tried their best to talk to both parties to consider settling this issue at home rather than the court room but all efforts failed.

Many social media users which have been following the issue right from the beginning have reacted to it different as some blames Mr. Lubem for dragging miss Henrietta online while other blames the young lady for defrauding the young man and still taking the issue to court.

Court hearing is today 23rd of February 2022 what's your take on the matter let us know in the comments section below ..

more details coming soon .  .......

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