Ayaweisoft Limited bags yet another award 'Most Innovative and Enterprising start up of the year'.


[E-News] Ayaweisoft Media company Bags another award from 'Naija live TV - #isabi
[E-News] Ayaweisoft Media company Bags another award from 'Naija live TV - #isabi

Media company and Digital company 'AYAWEISOFT' also known as ISABI has bagged another award, I will say a milestone from the famous 'NAIJA LIVE TV'. 

The media company led by Promise Ayawei is specialized in all digital skills, including event hypes, Ticket sales amongst other add ups. 

The award came as a reminder to us on how fast this company is moving, and what we should expect from this young group coming up. 

[E-News] Ayaweisoft Media company Bags another award from 'Naija live TV - #isabi

The award was tagged 'MOST INNOVATIVE AND ENTERPRISING START UP OF THE YEAR', straight from NAIJA LIVE TV, big step up, the CEO posted an appreciation message, he wrote;

Thank You NaijaLive TV for Selecting Ayaweisoft Limited for the award of THE MOST INNOVATIVE AND ENTERPRISING STARTUP OF THE YEAR.

We are really very encouraged and excited with the Honor. This is only but the beginning of many more exploits ahead of us. There have been challenges but we have always surmounted each and everyone of them together as a united team. 

I want to give a big shout out to all the various units. 

1. Operations

2. Content

3. Marketing/sales

4. Research/Development

5. Graphics/Creative

6. media/publicity

7. UI/UX

8. Software engineering


We want to use this opportunity to also appreciate the unflinching support we have gotten from partner, friend and mentors we met and have on the LinkedIn platform.

Jamal Maxey and Richa Cibbar for the exposure and first opportunity to pitch our startup product. 

Nariman Maalouf , nfinitiv you have been an amazing mentor and guide.

Franklin Peters I will never for get the hours you spend advising and offering help to us despite all of your busy schedule. 

The list goes on and on because a lot of persons inspire me.

Emmanuel Nduka Kefah A.    

one day I know we will be on the spotlight and we are really preparing for it.   

The Startup Club Startup of the Year® Enterprise MICHAEL OTEDOLA Tony O. Elumelu, C.O.N Nigeria LNG Limited    

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[E-News] Ayaweisoft Media company Bags another award from 'Naija live TV - #isabi

More wins to a company built from sleepless nights, a company built on selflessness, a company built Based on 'RED EYE', nigeria hard and we no go stop📌🔥

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