Big Brother Naija S6: Boma Goes Completely Crazy on Maria.

The Big Brother Naija Edition for this year has been full of unexpected twists and turns with top notch entertainment which keeps the fans gasping for air.

Today, reigning Head of House Boma was seen going crazily mad at fellow housemate Maria after she stormed out of the dining area, tossed her untouched meal into the trash and threw the plates into the sink spilling some of the condiments and oils on Boma who was doing the dishes.

Boma had called for her attention but angry Maria didn’t care about that as she stalked angrily into the  bedroom and threw herself on the bed.

Boma came in and admonished her to exercise more self restraint, stating that her actions constituted violent conduct which was not allowed in the Big Brother Naija House.

Her reaction was as a result of her disgust at the situation where the housemates were discussing about unclean toilets and baths at the dining table.

White Money who was unhappy about her actions explained that he had out so much energy into cooking the meals and felt disrespected when Maria tossed the food into the trash.

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