ABOUT TIV FRESHERS FACEBOOK GROUP (Promoting our culture)#hypebenue

TIV FRESHERS is a Facebook group created on 28th April .by Mkooh S. Noah

Tiv freshers

Its aim, is to unit the Tiv youths to be in one Acord for connectivity throughout world
Also promoting the culture of the Tiv nation

Tiv cultural dance

Showcasing the beauty of our culture and displaying our beautiful cultural attire which happens to be one among the best in Nigeria.

Tiv cultural attire

Tiv cultural attir
Tiv cultural attire

Tiv cultural attire

The group also features programs like entertainment, giveaways, bible quiz, hot sit on many matteres educating youths on the do's and the donts of the society, contest, educational and much more innovative activities.

It is specific for Tiv borns alone

Click here to join the group

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