Music: Mamson - japana (hit by craziebless)

Mamson - japana (hit by craziebless)

Mamson,Pyramid Hills,Rapper,Dancer
Extraordinary who had a fantastic outing in 2018 by
starting with a banger “in da club”and ending it with
“baby lets fix this" in early 2019 with “kissin u” together with "don't cry" & "hurt bunny" and now he drops (“JAPANA") He spills fact sort of how you must pay to do anything Nowadays.has a political point of view
of some sort.You can't get anywhere without money and this poetic
statement perfectly sums up that sentiment. (JAPANA) it's means "Live It"Download & share and his Album coming named "WHAT'S GOING ON" Follow Him on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook;@itsmamson


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