Benue girls fight over a guy

Benue teenage girls fights themselves over a guy || benuebiggest 

In a video which have gone viral on social media which shows a group of teenage girls attacking a fellow girl over alleged boy friend snatching.
The young lady sitting on the chair wearing black shirt and black trouser was attacked by the group of girls standing over a guy identify by his Facebook handle as Tiny Escobar which she was seriously dealt.
This scene was recorded which was later posted on social media which has been trending
In the video the young lady seems to be tolerant because she knew she would be crushed so hard if she had attempted to retaliate to the embarrassment as the crew was much and she was alone .
In the same video one of the girls possibly the one behind the camera was heard saying that the guy they were fighting for even has a small d**k and it seem to them like some kind of fun
When I saw this I asked my self what is the world really turning to?
This are girls who are believed not to be up to the age of 25 from the reaction of one of the social media activist who posted it on Facebook expressing his shock

This is bad parents watch over ur children, youths stay away from such habits as it is bad and can destroy ur reputation

Download and watch video below

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