Why is my configuration file not connecting?

Don't worry the MTN 0.0k cheat  is working and with the new proxy server although this Proxy Server is still capped at 1GB, so if you finish the 1GB you can use another MTN sim or wait till the next day to continue your free browsing.

Alright let's look at some major facts and issues about the mtn cheat.

(Q1). Why is my config not connecting

(A1). Firstly, your config might not connect if you've used up the daily 1GB on your sim this might be the reason why your vpn is not connecting.
(A2). You should also remember this configs are connected to servers. Sometimes the server can get a little congested and busy which might not allow you to connect. The best thing to do is to a wait a little while before retrying to connect again.
(A3). Another reason why your VPN might not connect is the cache which can also be the reason why your VPN is not connecting. Which you can fix by going to your VPN app details and clear cache, Force stop, Better still clear settings.

Q2 Why are the Config files locked?

(A1). The main reason why the config files are locked is simply not to enable users who import the file to mess the settings or change the settings which might result in the VPN not connecting.

(A2). Another reason the config files are locked is to keep the information and configurations descrete from all.
A3). Also it been locked mainly because of the proxy server not to be blocked by the network providers.
Q3 How are the config files made

(A1). The config files are made with a combination of SSH and Host which can be created from different websites such as Fastssh, Skyssh, Contassh and lots more which are used with host ip, username and password to make the configs connect. The steps are kept discrete as to make the cheat last longer and not to get easily blocked.

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    1. Go to your settings and go to apps, under it you will see the app you are using then click on it and it will open then you will see clear cache.

  2. Yeah go to your settings and go to apps, click on the vpn app and you will see clear cache